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Thinking of growing a new tree? Pruning and growing advice from the King Tree experts

Growing a new tree can be a daunting task at first, but so rewarding and beautiful as you watch it grow, flourish and become a habitat for wildlife. We at King Tree Services offer advice and help with managing new trees with formative pruning in the first few years of growth. This protects the tree, allows it to grow strong and sturdy and means there is less need for drastic pruning methods in later life. There are, generally, no restrictions on what trees you may plant and cultivate on your land. Trees don’t understand boundaries though, and their roots and branches go where they want to so ensure you know how large the species of tree you have chosen can grow, assess possible obstacles and measure your area. Our expert pruning and shaping services can help to guide the tree to grow in the correct direction and keep it to a desired size. If you need advice, or would like to book a consultation please do contact Josh at King Tree Services, we will be happy to assist with your new venture.

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